Testimonials: Hear from Teachers!

Brooke LOVES her Word Bird Delivers

“Brooke LOVES her Word Bird Delivers! She looks forward to her new word and she finds a reason to use her word, often! I always give her a high five. It has become a fun game for us. I can’t believe one little bird and a weekly word could have such an impact. Thank you!” 
Ashley - Naugatuck, CT


 “Our children, who are in kindergarten and second grade, get very excited when their word of the week shows up. It captures their attention and the word stays in their vocabulary. It’s hard to find a new and creative way to reach kids with what we want them to know. We are grateful for the word bird. The kids love it.
Thank you Word Bird Delivers!”
Rob & Julie - Parents in West Haven, CT

“I live in Florida and my grandchildren are in New England. I speak to them on the phone often. The Word Bird subscription I sent them gives us something to talk about. I was surprised at how interested they have stayed.  It gives us something to talk about.   I ask 'What’s the good word?' And they tell me!"
Betty - Grandmother in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

 “I have 3 children in the same house receiving Word Bird weekly. They are in the three different age groups. They compare words and choose who has the BEST word each week. They all learn from each other. It’s been a fun competition to see who can use THEIR word the most in a week. I’m happy they all like it so much.”
Robin - Grandmother in CT

“I am a teacher. Word Bird Delivers donated a subscription to my class. They all want to go to the office to get the mail, hoping their new word is waiting for them. The weekly arrival has inspired my students to do better on the vocabulary list I give them. It was great to see how the arrival of a stuffed bird and weekly stories could have such a positive impact.”
Beth - Teacher in CT

 “My grandson lives in England. I get to see him twice a year. I asked Terry to send the Word Bird Delivers overseas and she was able to do that for me. Little Lucas loves his Word Bird and he thinks I am sending him a weekly letter, which I sort of am because I ordered it for him. It’s a weekly dose of love and information from his grandma back in “the states.”
Marian - Grandmother in Prospect, CT

“I ordered the Word Bird Delivers for my niece who is only 3. My sister in law reads it to her and she has all her words memorized. Whatever it takes to get kids interested in reading and taking their vocabulary to a new level, I’m all for it.”
Tom – Uncle in Palm Beach, Florida

 “Slovenly language corrodes the mind.”
John Q. Adams - (Former United States President. We think he would have liked the Word Bird Delivers!)

Healing Chickadee

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