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Terry Murphy, Word Bird Delivers Founder and Chief Enthusiast!

Terry Murphy, Word Bird Delivers Founder and Chief EnthusiastTerry is, by trade, a full time nuclear medicine technologist. She is a grandmother of two bright and beautiful school-aged grandchildren, Sophie & Max. Her desire to share her love of words prompted her to put a bird along with a note in her grandchildren’s mailbox. That’s how the Word Bird was born. Seeing the way Max & Sophie enjoyed and flourished with their weekly words and stories, neighbors and friends wanted the word bird to fly into their children’s lives as well. Contact the chief enthusiast! Terry@WordBirdDelivers.com

My birds of a feather that volunteer together.

Deb Clarke, Educational Consultant and Editor

Deb Clarke, Educational Consultant and EditorDeb Clarke, as a high school English teacher for thirty-eight years, is more than qualified to be consultant/editor for Word Bird Delivers. Besides that, she is Terry Murphy’s sister, a person whose writing has a long history of being on the receiving end of Deb’s red pen! Together, the sisters are quite a team. Sharing a passion for words, Deb’s technical expertise and Terry’s natural creativity combine to offer the innate curiosity of young minds a major key to communication. On a personal level, when she is not editing for the Word Bird or grading the hundreds of papers generated by legions of high school scholars, Deb finds time to enjoy running, reading, sailing, diving, and spending time with the special people in her life.

Beth Williams, Educational Consultant, 4th Grade Teacher

Beth Williams, Educational Consultant, 4th Grade TeacherMrs. Williams became involved with Word Bird Delivers as a consultant who became an advocate. Her own two boys, age 11 and 13 enjoy the weekly missives from the Word Bird even though they are “cool beyond cool.” The boys are athletic and popular and yet still get a bang out of the new word that arrives every week. When, Jared, the 11 year old got the word “Patriarch” in the mail, he called his dad “patriarch” for a week. Beth said, “That’s what I want; get the word, use it and keep it forever as part of his vocabulary.” Mrs. Williams 4th grade class looks forward to the Word Bird as well. Beth said, “I’m proud to be part of something that sparks children’s imagination and captures their attention as they learn the power of an expansive vocabulary.”

Pat Frusciante, Consultant & Editor

Pat Frusciante, Consultant & EditorThe Word Bird Delivers has a good friend in Pat Frusciante. Pat is THE definition of friendship. Her dogged determination to make the Word Bird the best it can be has resulted in many hours of editing. She is a detective for errors, misspellings and mistakes. Pat obtained her Master’s Degree in Education from Springfield College. Her editing abilities started when she was in Grade School. She continued through years of writing standard operating procedure manuals at both her long-term jobs in NYC and CT. She is the mother of two amazing grown daughters and lends her time to Word Bird Delivers as a service to children everywhere.

Christopher Carvalho, Editor

Christopher Carvalho is an English teacher at Southington High School. Chris received a BA in English and Creative Writing and and MS Ed in Education from Hofstra University in Long Island. As an English teacher, Chris knows that vocabulary acquisition is an important aspect of student literacy. Students’ reading and writing scores go up when they are exposed to and provided with the skills and strategies for vocabulary development.

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