Children are losing vocabulary skills at an astonishing rate of speed!

Allow The Tweet-Hearts to connect you with your child or grandchild in a way that powerfully impacts their future!  Because language matters!

Personalized Vocabulary Education for your Child!

Word Bird Delivers is a personalized powerful vocabulary education for your child. It is a weekly program where building a strong vocabulary and fun go hand-in-hand.

Your child’s Word Bird adventure begins with the arrival of a box nest that houses a singing Audubon plush bird along with a personalized letter. Every week for the next 52 weeks will have a unique age appropriate challenge word delivered by mail with an interesting story, taught by the Tweet-Hearts, to make the words come alive. Children learn vocabulary within the context of literature.

The more words they know, the more places they will go!

Throughout the year your child will receive interactive bonus material in addition to the weekly word. Click here to know more.

Word Bird Delivers was featured on WFSB Better Connecticut!

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