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  • Children's Grief Program
    The Healing Chickdee is a 12 month grief program created with a psychotherapist to educate, support and comfort a child. The Chickdee features a monthly PLUSH BIRD arrival for children who have experienced loss due to the death of a loved one. Family activities are included along with messages of hope and healing. Adventure Starts Here

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The Healing Chickadee was created to help grieving children. I was the grieving child. When I was 10 years old, my 16 year old brother died from a sudden illness.

While it has been over 40 years ago since that tragedy, I am still that child. I began to think about what would have been helpful to me and my family as we struggled to find our way through the pain.

Drawing on my experience, I created The Healing Chickadee and Her Tweet-Hearts. The birds have been created to comfort your child during this difficult time. The content was approved by a licensed psychotherapist. While not a substitute for therapy, the bird characters, activities and stories are designed to aid in communication and healing.

This is something I hope no child ever needs, but if they do, it is my honor to provide it.

Founder & Chief Enthusiast

Your donation will help a child that cannot otherwise afford to receive the Tweet-Hearts.  The donations have already sent two flocks of birds flying to a child that may benefit from the comfort of the program.

The TweetheartsChildren are losing vocabulary at an astonishing rate of speed!

Let this captivating group of charming birds empower your child with the gift of a strong, rich and diverse vocabulary. Empower your child academically, socially and spiritually. Birds of a feather LEARN together!

A child's life takes FLIGHT with the POWER of words!

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Word Brid Delivers the Eight Parts of Speech

Word Bird Delivers the Eight Parts of Speech - a captivating story with a purpose! This charming book arrives with two plush birds! 


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Healing Chickadee

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